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Rous County Council Five Year Partnership with iCognition

Information Management and Governance (IMG) specialist, iCognition Pty Ltd, announced today a 5-year partnership with Rous County Council in Lismore, NSW to design, build, implement and manage an enterprise electronic Document and Records Management System (eDRMS). The eDRMS product suite will consist of Micro Focus Content Manager, as well as iCognition products; RM Workspace, RM Workflow and RM Public View.

“We are excited to kick off this long-term partnership with Rous County Council’s Group Manager Corporate and Commercial, Guy Bezrouchko, and his team”, said Mr Nicholas Fripp, iCognition Principal Consultant. “We will be working with Council staff to design a user-friendly enterprise grade system to simplify and streamline the way Council staff capture, find and use information from any device, anywhere at any time.”

iCognition was chosen as the implementation partner though a vigorous tender review and evaluation process, enabling Council to not only chose the system that best met their needs, but also an implementation partner that will guide and assist Council through the implementation and long-term management of the system.

“Having been through the process of choosing a SharePoint-based eDRMS in the past, and then discovering during the implementation that the solution was not fit for purpose, it was important this time round that we selected a system and implementation partner that had strategic long-term fit with our direction, team and goals of the organisation” said Mr Bezrouchko.

Content Manager will provide a strong records management engine for Council, while the iCognition product suite will provide users with core system functions and features on their chosen devices, both in the office and out in the field, to not only capture information but also make accurate and efficient decisions and approvals. The solution will provide fast, agile outcomes with the flexibility to make changes and simple upgrades, all while providing strong information governance for Council.

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Griffith University to Manage Office 365 Information using iCognition Microservice

Information Management and Governance (IMG) specialist, iCognition Pty Ltd, announced today that Griffith University will partner with iCognition to use iCognition’s new Office365RMBot to capture, manage and govern information created by Office 365 across the enterprise.

“The number one question we are currently being asked is how to manage and govern information created in Office 365. Our clients are facing an information tsunami created by apps like Teams, SharePoint, Exchange and OneDrive. We have an answer for this, and now we are about to prove it”, said Nicholas Fripp, iCognition Principal Consultant and Account Manager.


“We are excited to kick off this Office 365 information governance project with Griffith University’s Manager, Productivity & Information Management, Gabrielle Ingram, and her team”, said Mr Fripp. “We will initially integrate SharePoint to Content Manager, and we have a longer-term aim of integrating various other Office 365 applications to Content Manager so that Griffith University can contain the information sprawl created by SharePoint, Teams, Exchange, OneDrive and other Office 365 apps.”

The Office 365 integration will be achieved using iCognition’s new codeless Office365RMBot microservice. Office365RMBOT is an Office 365 to Content Manager microservice that harnesses the capabilities of the Microsoft Power Automate platform with Content Manager.

“This service underpins Office 365 apps and allows Content Manager to become the trusted information source to manage the risk of information sprawl, the build-up of storage costs and leakage of sensitive information causing reputational damage to your organisation,” said Mr Fripp.

Office365RMBot provides codeless integration between Content Manager and Teams, SharePoint, Exchange and OneDrive, as well SAP, MS Dynamics and social media feeds. Incorporating this microservice into any Power Automate flow provides a single configurable platform for integration without developers and messy integration projects. It provides fast, agile outcomes, flexibility to make changes, and simple upgrades.

“Driving an information management strategy using process automation can achieve quick and sustainable returns and is a key tool to manage information generated in Office 365,” said Mr Fripp.

For more information about the how to capture manage and govern information created in Office 365, contact us via https://www.rmworkspace.com.au/contact.html  or

Nigel Carruthers-Taylor, Principal and Director,
Ph: 0417 692 178
Email: nigelct@icognition.com.au

MicroFocus Updates

Content Manager End of Committed Support Dates and Security Bulletin

End of Support Reminder

Micro Focus have issued an End of Support Reminder for its Content Manager versions. Below outlines the dates for End of Committed Support for all current versions of Content Manager.

Note that End of Committed support means you will still be able to receive technical support and software updates (i.e. Major, Minor, Service Packs, Suite releases and existing Patches and Hotfixes) after the End of Committed Support date, so long as you have an active support agreement. However, you will not be able to receive defect support (new Patches and Hotfixes), critical security updates or enhancement requests after the End of Committed Support date.

iCognition recommends that if your organisation is on version 9.1 or 9.2, that you plan for an upgrade in 2020.

Content Manager Version Released End of Committed Support
Content Manager 9.0.x Jul 11, 2016 Sep 30, 2019
Content Manager 9.1.x Nov 29, 2016 Feb 28, 2020
Content Manager 9.2.x Nov 30, 2017 Dec 31, 2020
Content Manager 9.3.x Aug 01, 2018 Aug 31, 2021
Content Manager 9.4.x Aug 30, 2019 Sep 30, 2022

Content Manager Security Bulletin

Micro Focus has issued a security advisory for Content Manager (KM03489552 Micro Focus content manager, CVE-2019-11653). An access control bypass vulnerability has been identified in the Web Client component of Content Manager, affecting version 9.1 prior to, 9.2 prior to and 9.3 prior to The vulnerability could be exploited to manipulate data stored during another user’s CheckIn request. Existing mitigation information: To successfully exploit the vulnerability requires the attacker to have access to generally protected or inaccessible information, including having an active user account themselves, knowledge of internal identifiers of targeted user(s), and the name of files other users are actively operating against. In addition, the attacker has a limited time window to exploit the vulnerability during concurrent user activity, which can be further minimized by the system administrator via configuration.

Micro Focus has made the following mitigation information available to resolve the vulnerability for the impacted versions of Content Manager:

  • For 9.1.x, please upgrade to CONTENT_MANAGER_9.10_PATCH_6_HOTFIX_6 or newer
  • For 9.2.x, please upgrade to CONTENT_MANAGER_9.20_PATCH_3_HOTFIX_2 or newer
  • For 9.3.x, please upgrade to CONTENT_MANAGER_9.30_PATCH_2_HOTFIX_3 or newer

Please contact us if you need this patch applied to your system.

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Secure content management for NSW Government now available in GovDC

Information Management and Governance (IMG) specialist, iCognition Pty Ltd, and NSW Government technology specialist Counterparts Technology announced today that they have teamed up to deliver NSW Government agencies with an Electronic Data Records Management System (EDRMS) Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) located in secure, robust and fully managed cloud infrastructure at GovDC.

Called EDRMSaaS.Cloud in GovDC, the service provides a winning combination of three fully managed components: cost-effective, best of breed performance cloud in GovDC delivered by Counterparts; Micro Focus’ proven Content Manager intelligent compliance engine; and iCognition’s award-winning products maximising discovery, access, sharing and collaboration, for both desktop and mobile users.

“NSW Government prefers to have their cloud services based in GovDC to ensure high-quality digital services that are secure, value for money and environmentally friendly. Now, with EDRMSaaS.Cloud in GovDC, agencies have access to a secure content management cloud service that meets NSW Government standards,” said Nigel Carruthers-Taylor, iCognition Executive Director.

“For Counterparts, this partnership extends our hybrid infrastructure offerings. Effective data management relies on a structured data classification process and understanding the obligations and options available for management. Balancing cost, performance and ease of management can be challenging, as the volumes and data sources that need to be managed are always increasing,” said Mr Cameron Cumming, Client Engagement Director at Counterparts Technology

In addition to providing a cost-effective secure content management service for new NSW Government customers, EDRMSaaS.Cloud in GovDC provides an easy path for agencies with existing Micro Focus Content Manager / TRIM systems to transition to a cloud service.

“Our track record in transitioning clients and providing the benefits of the cloud is well proven. For instance iCognition successfully transitioned 2100 TRIM users at the University of NSW to EDRMSaaS.Cloud. We consistently meet all Service Level Agreements, including the availability SLA,” said Mr Carruthers-Taylor.

Other iCognition EDRMSaaS.Cloud clients include Tasmanian Department of Primary Industry, Parks, Water and the Environment (1400 users), where the partnership was secured through an exhaustive open tender process, and Perpetual Limited, which was achieved after iCognition consultants undertook an Information Management & Governance strategic review. Additionally, iCognition have been engaged by small to medium organisations such as the Canberra-Goulburn Catholic Education Office, and The GeoGroup Australia, one of Australia’s largest correctional services providers.

“The range of clients moving to the cloud proves that not only does scale not matter, but organisations from all market sectors are keen to secure cloud benefits. Having been in the field for over 20 years, this transformation is really exciting. Cloud services are the biggest game-changer since document management went electronic. However, there is no substitute for experience, quality of platforms and capability, like iCognition and Counterparts are providing,” said Mr Joe Mammoliti, iCognition CEO.

Counterparts Technology provides consulting and professional services in hybrid infrastructure and security solutions and assists a number of NSW Government Agencies with secure data management and migration services.

“We are seeing an increase in clients preferring to engage with this consortia model as we can leverage the collective specialist skills within an agile approach. This partnership brings together the right skills to remediate real data management issues for Government agencies”. said Matt Wynn-Jones, Managing Director at Counterparts Technology.

“EDRMSaaS.Cloud is a secure information management platform that will take the pressure off your digital transformation team. It is the modern way to harness the information explosion, secure your content, meet your compliance/regulatory requirements, improve operational efficiency and lower your total cost of ownership with a simple monthly per-user cost,” said Mr Mammoliti. “You will get a user-friendly EDRMS, on-demand access on any device, with intelligent analytics and governance, managed to the highest standards in a Government assured secure cloud.”

EDRMSaaS.Cloud is available via buy.nsw cloud supplier iCognition, with EDRMSaaS.Cloud in GovDC as a subset.

EDRMSaaS.Cloud in GovDC will be featured at the Digital.NSW Showcase on 12 September 2019. Come and visit our booth to get a full understanding of this innovative offering.

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iCognition leads the field in EDRMS Cloud Services

Information Management and Governance (IMG) specialist, iCognition Pty Ltd, announced today that they have signed multiple contracts to transition client’s Micro Focus Content Manager / TRIM systems to iCognition’s secure content management service, EDRMSaaS.Cloud.

iCognition is now commencing cloud transitions with Tasmanian Department of Primary Industry, Parks, Water and the Environment (1400 users), where the partnership was secured through an exhaustive open tender process, and Perpetual Limited, which was achieved after iCognition consultants undertook an Information Management & Governance strategic review. iCognition are also transitioning small to medium organisations such as the Canberra-Goulburn Catholic Education Office, and The GeoGroup Australia, one of Australia’s largest correctional services providers.

“This proves that not only does scale not matter, but organisations from all market sectors are keen to make the transition to cloud services and secure the benefits. The range is from Government to FinTech, and corporations to Not-for-Profits,” said Nigel Carruthers-Taylor, iCognition Executive Director.

iCognition CeBIT 2018 stand for the release of EDRMSaaS

Cloud services provide efficiencies in delivering robust and secure business services by freeing up staff to spend more time on core business activities. This transformation started in websites, more recently desktop applications, and now the rush is on across the enterprise application suite, including content management and Electronic Document and Records Management Systems (EDRMS).

“Having been in the field for over 20 years, this transformation is really exciting. Cloud services are the biggest game changer since document management went electronic. However, there is no substitute for experience, quality of platforms and capability, like iCognition is providing,” said Mr Carruthers-Taylor.

“The benefits of cloud are proven. iCognition successfully transitioned 2100 TRIM users at University of NSW to our cloud service, EDRMSaaS.Cloud. This service has been in operation for over 16 months now and consistently meets all Service Level Agreements, including the availability SLA.”

EDRMS is now available as cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) offerings but how do you make the transition while ensuring continuity, security and governance is maintained?

“We’ve been able to pour all our 20 years of experience, intellectual property and practical knowledge into our EDRMSaaS Cloud Service. Our EDRMSaaS.Cloud includes iCognition’s award-winning RM Workspace for secure web-based end-user access and collaboration, RM Workflow to deliver easy-to-use Content Manager workflows, and RM Public View for publishing and sharing to non-Content Manager users.

We’re seeing three major issues emerge for organisations as they consider the transition: security, governance and productivity. We’re helping our clients realise the benefits of SaaS EDRMS with all of our experience by addressing the issues upfront. This includes a proven transition-in process, a secure and innovative platform, and support by our expert team that works tirelessly for clients to make the transition, and assure the ongoing service delivery,” said Mr Carruthers-Taylor.

Security is driving organisations to move to their TRIM systems to the cloud, as many organisations struggle to keep their TRIM systems updated, patched and configured to best practice and the latest security requirements. iCognition has responded by developing a government standard highly-secure and robust platform through Microsoft Azure Central, which is encrypted end-to-end, and is delivered with iCognition’s innovative Content Manager / TRIM interfaces that provide the opportunity to re-tune application security for a more secure and usable solution.

The overall result is a highly secure, robust cloud EDRMS that is fully assured and delivered with stringent SLAs. The EDRMSaaS.Cloud service sets new standards for resilience, ensuring high availability and disaster recovery from a global cloud delivered from client-selected sovereign regions.

For iCognition’s clients, rigorous governance of information is mandatory, therefore the EDRMSaaS.Cloud service allows clients to manage highly sensitive information securely with new solutions that are compliant to the range of new international standards and regulations, and delivered from sovereign-owned, or even secret-accredited, facilities. iCognition supports clients with specialist EDRMS knowledge and skill to provide a highly resilient, reliable, secure, scalable service that meets the most demanding Service Level Agreements.

Organisations are realising productivity benefits and getting better value for money from their corporate information using the iCognition approach. Taking the pressure off organisations’ IT and records management staff with a platform that is up to date, upgrading and innovating each client’s solution as a service is paying immediate dividends.

iCognition believes that increasing user adoption is achieved by delivering a high performing and innovative solution to manage content, by unlocking information with additional value-added information analytics to deliver richer insights. When discovery, access, sharing and collaboration is maximised for both desktop and mobile users, enterprise information is better managed by default.

“EDMRSaaS.Cloud can be set up as a brand-new system, but the current rush of clients are transitioning their existing TRIM / Content Manager system to our cloud, where we upgrade it, optimise it and add our innovations to it. Speed of transition is critical, and to save time and money by leveraging cloud and vendor services you need a great team. We’ve proven ourselves in this regard with effective, efficient and rapid transitions for clients large and small,” according to Mr Carruthers-Taylor.

The iCognition transition-in process is comprehensive and includes a gap analysis of the EDRMSaaS.Cloud base offering to customer requirements. This includes reference architecture, existing system transition requirements, service design and delivery, agreement definition, and security planning. The identified changes to the base offering are set up in the cloud, tested, and security assured before the data migration occurs for full testing. Once all tests are completed successfully, the go-live is planned in coordination with change management and training. The go-live transition usually occurs over a weekend.

“This transition process can be made in as little as two to three months. As a result, not only do clients quickly achieve a significant increase in the security of their content, but they immediately start getting a greater return on their existing investment because their current content and TRIM functionality is accessed and used in more innovative, useful, usable and functional ways,” said Mr Carruthers-Taylor.

iCognition are now conducting workshops for organisations to demystify the technology, to share their experience in making the transition a success and to develop roadmaps for greater productivity in contemporary enterprise content management.

For more information about the how to make the transition to cloud services visit www.icognition.com.au  or contact

Nigel Carruthers-Taylor, Principal and Director,
Ph: 0417 692 178
Email: nigelct@icognition.com.au

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iCognition releases TechnologyOne to Content Manager integration

Information Management and Governance (IMG) specialist, iCognition Pty Ltd, announced today the successful implementation of their new TechnologyOne to Micro Focus Content Manager (CM) integration at Hutt City Council, NZ. iCognition has added this product to their RM Solutions suite under the name of RM TechOne Connector.

“This TechnologyOne to Content Manager integration is unique, as very few Content Manager vendors have successfully implemented an integration between TechOne Cloud and an external content management system,” said Dom Mammoliti, National Sales Director. “We had an excellent customer who developed a strong relationship with both iCognition and TechOne to ensure the delivery of a robust and efficient integration.”

Hutt City Council uses Technology One – Property and Rating (P&R) to manage building consents and other application processes. The integration to CM allows documents to be created through P&R and transferred to CM for management as records. A link is made available within TechnologyOne to allow users to open CM to access folders or documents in context of the TechnologyOne business process.

Other functions of the integration are:

  • New properties or applications created in P&R have the corresponding container created within CM.
  • Fields in CM are populated with the corresponding data from P&R.
  • New documents created in P&R are saved into the appropriate container in CM based on the Application of which it forms a part.

“RM TechOne Connector is now in production at Hutt City Council and working well,” said Mr Mammoliti. “The Council is very pleased with the result, which has taken a massive amount of effort from all parties. RM TechOne Connector product is now a released product in the market, and we encourage organisations using TechOne and CM to contact us to discuss how we can deliver compliance and regulation for their TechOne solution”.

For more information about the solutions provided by iCognition visit our website at www.icognition.com.au.

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EOFY Offer for Content Manager and RM Workflow Licences

Now is the perfect time to buy Micro Focus Content Manager licenses, with three value-add bundles available until 26 July 2019. This offer adds free additional licences to your bundle!

To make this an even better offer, iCognition will include free licensing and installation for RM Workflow. RM Workflow will  unlock the value of the Content Manager workflow functionality, as it will provide a zero-footprint web-based easy-to-use interface over the Content Manager workflow engine.

We will even install RM Workflow onto one nominated server for free as part of this offer! Additional cost services are available to configure Content Manager workflow and for associated requirements.

Here’s the licences offer!

End of July 2019 Specials GET
Content Manager
RM WorkFlow
Buy 100 licenses Content Manager 125 15
Buy 200 licenses Content Manager 250 20
Buy 300 licenses Content Manager 375 25

Contact us today!

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