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iCognition clients win Micro Focus awards

Clients of Information Management and Governance (IMG) specialist, iCognition Pty Ltd, have received Micro Focus Software Realize Customer Awards at the Micro Focus Information Management and Governance Forum 2021. Perpetual Limited received the award for Financial Services Information Management Modernisation, and Griffith University received the award for Technology Excellence.

“We are extremely proud that our customers have been awarded these Micro Focus awards,” said Joe Mammoliti, iCognition CEO. “A huge congratulations to the teams at Perpetual Limited and Griffith University from all of us at iCognition. This is a just reward for the hard work and innovation you have applied to your business problems. We are honoured to be working with you and appreciate your confidence in us to deliver solutions to your business problems.”

Perpetual Limited received the award for Financial Services Information Management Modernisation for successfully transitioning an aging TRIM system to a secure cloud. This aging TRIM system had multiple integrations and was reaching end of life. Used across the enterprise, this system is considered critical as it manages vital records for clients, including trust and mortgage records. Customers, such as large banks, entrust both digital and hardcopy records to Perpetual for safe keeping and the management of funding allocation.

Perpetual Limited Micro Focus Award

Perpetual considered transitioning the system to SharePoint but realised it was not well suited to managing and securing such vital records to the standard they required. They also realised that their organisation did not have the skills and experience required to manage and maintain the system. They sought a partner who could upgrade their system, including working with the Perpetual outsourcers, Fujitsu, and SharePoint support partner Ensyst to upgrade the integrations, and transition them to a highly secure cloud environment and manage the system as a service.

iCognition was selected to undertake a ‘lift, shift and upgrade’ of the existing system to the iCognition Cloud, EDRMSaaS. Security was a prime driver and iCognition’s ability to offer an end-to-end ISO27001 certified service based on IRAP certified infrastructure managed that risk.

Griffith University received the award for Technology Excellence. The University was facing challenges with information sprawl coming from their Microsoft 365 applications – Teams, SharePoint, Exchange and OneDrive. They gained control and governance of their information by implementing Office 365RMBOT, a Microsoft 365 to Content Manager microservice that harnesses the capabilities of the Microsoft Power Automate platform with Content Manager.

Griffith University Micro Focus Award

Griffith University started their Microsoft 365 integration journey by implementing robotic process automation for their SharePoint based contract management system called ‘Converge Point’. Within this solution, process automation has been put in place which monitors for any new and updated contracts the University receives, these are then automatically captured and updated into Content Manager based on intuitive, real time business rule decision making. This automated integration allows the University to ensure their recordkeeping compliance and long-time storage preservation for contract management, while providing users with the ability to interact with their native contract management interface.

“It has been a pleasure working with these clients, and we congratulate them. Their success is our success,” said Mr Mammoliti. “We look forward to an ongoing partnership with the clients to deliver further value to them”.

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Griffith University to Manage Office 365 Information using iCognition Microservice

Information Management and Governance (IMG) specialist, iCognition Pty Ltd, announced today that Griffith University will partner with iCognition to use iCognition’s new Office365RMBot to capture, manage and govern information created by Office 365 across the enterprise.

“The number one question we are currently being asked is how to manage and govern information created in Office 365. Our clients are facing an information tsunami created by apps like Teams, SharePoint, Exchange and OneDrive. We have an answer for this, and now we are about to prove it”, said Nicholas Fripp, iCognition Principal Consultant and Account Manager.


“We are excited to kick off this Office 365 information governance project with Griffith University’s Manager, Productivity & Information Management, Gabrielle Ingram, and her team”, said Mr Fripp. “We will initially integrate SharePoint to Content Manager, and we have a longer-term aim of integrating various other Office 365 applications to Content Manager so that Griffith University can contain the information sprawl created by SharePoint, Teams, Exchange, OneDrive and other Office 365 apps.”

The Office 365 integration will be achieved using iCognition’s new codeless Office365RMBot microservice. Office365RMBOT is an Office 365 to Content Manager microservice that harnesses the capabilities of the Microsoft Power Automate platform with Content Manager.

“This service underpins Office 365 apps and allows Content Manager to become the trusted information source to manage the risk of information sprawl, the build-up of storage costs and leakage of sensitive information causing reputational damage to your organisation,” said Mr Fripp.

Office365RMBot provides codeless integration between Content Manager and Teams, SharePoint, Exchange and OneDrive, as well SAP, MS Dynamics and social media feeds. Incorporating this microservice into any Power Automate flow provides a single configurable platform for integration without developers and messy integration projects. It provides fast, agile outcomes, flexibility to make changes, and simple upgrades.

“Driving an information management strategy using process automation can achieve quick and sustainable returns and is a key tool to manage information generated in Office 365,” said Mr Fripp.

For more information about the how to capture manage and govern information created in Office 365, contact us via https://www.rmworkspace.com.au/contact.html  or

Nigel Carruthers-Taylor, Principal and Director,
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