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iCognition releases TechnologyOne to Content Manager integration

Information Management and Governance (IMG) specialist, iCognition Pty Ltd, announced today the successful implementation of their new TechnologyOne to Micro Focus Content Manager (CM) integration at Hutt City Council, NZ. iCognition has added this product to their RM Solutions suite under the name of RM TechOne Connector.

“This TechnologyOne to Content Manager integration is unique, as very few Content Manager vendors have successfully implemented an integration between TechOne Cloud and an external content management system,” said Dom Mammoliti, National Sales Director. “We had an excellent customer who developed a strong relationship with both iCognition and TechOne to ensure the delivery of a robust and efficient integration.”

Hutt City Council uses Technology One – Property and Rating (P&R) to manage building consents and other application processes. The integration to CM allows documents to be created through P&R and transferred to CM for management as records. A link is made available within TechnologyOne to allow users to open CM to access folders or documents in context of the TechnologyOne business process.

Other functions of the integration are:

  • New properties or applications created in P&R have the corresponding container created within CM.
  • Fields in CM are populated with the corresponding data from P&R.
  • New documents created in P&R are saved into the appropriate container in CM based on the Application of which it forms a part.

“RM TechOne Connector is now in production at Hutt City Council and working well,” said Mr Mammoliti. “The Council is very pleased with the result, which has taken a massive amount of effort from all parties. RM TechOne Connector product is now a released product in the market, and we encourage organisations using TechOne and CM to contact us to discuss how we can deliver compliance and regulation for their TechOne solution”.

For more information about the solutions provided by iCognition visit our website at www.icognition.com.au.

iCognition Updates, MicroFocus Updates, RM Workflow

EOFY Offer for Content Manager and RM Workflow Licences

Now is the perfect time to buy Micro Focus Content Manager licenses, with three value-add bundles available until 26 July 2019. This offer adds free additional licences to your bundle!

To make this an even better offer, iCognition will include free licensing and installation for RM Workflow. RM Workflow will  unlock the value of the Content Manager workflow functionality, as it will provide a zero-footprint web-based easy-to-use interface over the Content Manager workflow engine.

We will even install RM Workflow onto one nominated server for free as part of this offer! Additional cost services are available to configure Content Manager workflow and for associated requirements.

Here’s the licences offer!

End of July 2019 Specials GET
Content Manager
RM WorkFlow
Buy 100 licenses Content Manager 125 15
Buy 200 licenses Content Manager 250 20
Buy 300 licenses Content Manager 375 25

Contact us today!

Dom Mammoliti
+61-2 6257 4264


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Micro Focus Realize 2019 Invite

Micro Focus
MF Realize 2019
Software Solutions for Your Digital Transformation
Following the success of Micro Focus Realize 2018 held last year, we are thrilled to invite you to Micro Focus Realize 2019 – a free one-day software experience for business leaders and IT professionals.

The Information Management & Governance (IM&G) Forum now in its amazing 32nd year will be one of five dedicated Solution Tracks, where you can:

  • Learn about the latest Micro Focus portfolio and innovations
  • Hear from subject matter experts on the IM&G panel
  • Share best practices on the Secure Content Management suite (Content Manager, ControlPoint & Structure Data Manager)
  • Tune in to the always popular technical sessions and ask questions directly to our R&D and Presales team
  • Engage with global, regional and local Micro Focus executives
  • Get to know our trusted partners and network with your peers and industry leaders
Explore the entire software portfolio, see product demos, visit iCognition at our booth and network with experts and peers in the Solution Showcase Zone. Meet with our executives and product experts for a personalised session.

Ensure you Register now to the IM&G Forum Track!

This is an event not to be missed! Register today to reserve your spot!

Melbourne Tuesday, 28 May, Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre
Sydney Thursday, 30 May, Sheraton Grand Sydney
Canberra Tuesday, 4 June, QT Canberra
Register now
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RM Workflow new release improves usability and audit control

Information Management and Governance (IMG) specialist, iCognition Pty Ltd, today released RM Workflow version 1.39, delivering significant usability improvements consistent with the iCognition commitment to great user experience design, as well as improvements in audit control, workflow timeline management and tracking progress in workflows.

RM Workflow is a user-centric web interface built on top of the Micro Focus Content Manager (CM) workflow engine that is zero footprint and cloud ready with Office 365 online editing. The business processes are defined in CM, ensuring information security and audit capture, while RM Workflow delivers ease of access and use for end users. “IT departments love RM Workflow because it’s all server-side and avoids messy desktop rollouts”, said Nigel Carruthers-Taylor, iCognition Principal.

higher res diagram

“Importantly, workflow solutions need to automate and digitally transform business processes that are replicable, accountable, and easy to use. In this new release of RM Workflow we’ve married ease of use and compliance control, functions which are often at odds with each other, but with this product you have the best of both worlds. For example, the new version provides a nice visualisation of multiple people performing the same task simultaneously, or one at a time in a specific order, giving the user immediate feedback on where the task is up to, meanwhile audit and compliance just happens”, said Mr Carruthers-Taylor.

“The new version’s enhancements have been driven by client demand. Clients such as NSW Property and Advisory Group (PAG), an organisation of 900 staff within the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation portfolio, use it to automate asset and correspondence management processes. There are currently over 300 active workflows within the system at any one time. Another key client driving product enhancements is NSW Department of Justice, who will use the new release to manage their Ministerial correspondence and briefings processes for a very large number of staff. Interestingly, we are also getting a lot of interest from the US market.”

RM Workflow not only delivers existing CM workflow functions in an easy-to-use interface; it provides additional value functions such as an analytics dashboard, Office 365 online editing, timeline management and other functions. For PAG a key function was to dynamically allow for multiple approvers in workflows: staff can enter as many assignees as they like when creating workflows, and RM Workflow dynamically generates additional approval paths for every assignee.  Previously this could only be achieved through creating multiple CM workflow templates, requiring staff to clumsily select the appropriate template each time.

Online editing

“The ROI on this product is excellent,” said Mr Carruthers-Taylor. “Not only is installing and managing it minimal effort, as it is server-based and does not require a desktop rollout, the product is totally configurable by the client, avoiding costly setup scripting or development, and the reconfiguration effort is minimal when business processes change. Returns are particularly good for existing CM clients, as a small investment unlocks the value of the pre-existing CM workflow functionality that is usually dormant.”

“Overall, RM Workflow delivers ease of business process interaction, while CM delivers assurance around the business process and compliance management. This solution increases the efficiency, quality and transparency of business processes, and helps enable your digital transformation,” said Mr Carruthers-Taylor.

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iCognition selected for new DTA panel

Information Management and Governance (IMG) specialist, iCognition Pty Ltd, announced today they have been selected as a seller on the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) Software Licensing and Services (SLS) Panel. This panel allows Government buyers to easily procure iCognition’s solutions to digitally transform their IMG processes, including RM Workflow and RM Workspace, as well as Micro Focus products such as Content Manager and ControlPoint.

“We are now a seller of COTS Software and/or associated services under Category 2 of Software Licensing and Services (SLS) Panel (DTA-ICT-066),” said Joe Mammoliti, CEO. “This follows on from our recent announcement of our selection on the new Department of Defence ICT Provider Arrangement (ICTPA) Panel (SON 3520191) for Systems Integration, Application Services and ICT Services. The combination of these panels means Government can now purchase both software and services easily from iCognition via these two panels.”

The Digital Transformation Agency recently publicly launch the SLS Panel – DTA News.  The launch included a hyperlink to AusTender identifying the currently appointed panellists. The panel is built to be flexible, so as technology evolves new software and services can be added through future refreshes of the panel. The panel is now understood to be one of the biggest across government along with the DTA’s Digital Marketplace (which iCognition is also a member of) and the Defence ICTPA.

“We look forward to working with DTA and using this new platform for government to buy our offering of COTS software and associated services,” said Mr Mammoliti.

iCognition Updates, Market Updates

iCognition selected as Regtech Finalist

Information Management and Governance (IMG) specialist, iCognition Pty Ltd, has been selected as a finalist for the second annual #AccelerateR Pitch Event at the #ACCELERATERegTech2019 at Doltone House, Darling Island, Pyrmont in Sydney on 7 March 2019.

“#ACCELERATERegTech 2019 showcases technologies that support regulated industries”, said Joe Mammoilti, iCognition CEO. “It is the much anticipated 2nd annual RegTech Association eco-system event that brings together 300 regulators, regulated entities, RegTechs, government, technology firms, allied associations, and professional services to examine regulatory and compliance challenges, all under one roof at Sydney’s waterfront.”

“Importantly, we are very pleased to be recognised as a leader in RegTech innovation and impact by being one of only ten companies selected to compete in the #AccelerateR Pitch Event, where we will present our value proposition to potential customers and investors. We look forward to the challenge”, said Mr Mammoliti.

RegTech has a clear vision to be a global leader in facilitating the building of higher performing, ethical and compliant businesses through regulation technology innovation and investment. The RegTech Association was founded in 2017 as a non-profit organisation that focuses on what is needed to support the growth of the sector and to accelerate RegTech adoption.

“RegTech is now vital to many industries; in addition to existing corporate and government governance requirements, the advent of the recent Royal Commissions has made regulation and compliance critical to all kinds of organisations. With our strong background in information management and governance, including enterprise recordkeeping, we look forward to supporting and promulgating the RegTech Association’s mission to be a global centre for excellence in technology for regulated industries,” said Mr Mammoliti.

The RegTech association brings together government, regulators, regulated entities, professional services and founder-led RegTech companies to ensure collaboration between all of the parties, promoting the RegTech industry as widely as possible, resulting in action in the uptake of RegTech proof of concepts and deployed RegTech solutions across the eco-system. Catch the event 6-7 March on Sydney’s waterfront, Doltone House, Darling Island, Pyrmont, a 15 minute walk from the CBD.

iCognition Updates, RM Workflow, RM Workspace

iCognition wins innovation grant

iCognition has won an Innovations Connections Grant to work with CSIRO and University of Canberra  to undertake User Experience (UX) research and design on RM Workspace and RM Workflow. This work will be used to further the company’s commitment to developing usable, useful, effective and satisfying products.

iCognition won the grant based on a strong history of research and ability to collaborate with public institutions. The senior researcher, Caronne Carruthers-Taylor, has extensive experience in human centred design and is supported by a University of Canberra researcher, under the supervision of Professor Raghavendra Gudur. The grant is administered by CSIRO.

“This demonstrates iCognition’s ongoing commitment to UX design improvements in our products,” said Nigel Carruthers-Taylor, Principal and Director. “In fact, this is at least the fourth major UX design iteration we have conducted on our products, resulting in incrementally more usable and useful solutions for our customers.”

“This research and design work will inform future product versions, which are included as part of the product maintenance fees,” said Mr Carruthers-Taylor. “We look forward to visiting our clients in Sydney and Canberra to undertake this research and delivering greater business benefits and return on investment for our customers.”