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iCognition wins innovation grant

iCognition has won an Innovations Connections Grant to work with CSIRO and University of Canberra  to undertake User Experience (UX) research and design on RM Workspace and RM Workflow. This work will be used to further the company’s commitment to developing usable, useful, effective and satisfying products.

iCognition won the grant based on a strong history of research and ability to collaborate with public institutions. The senior researcher, Caronne Carruthers-Taylor, has extensive experience in human centred design and is supported by a University of Canberra researcher, under the supervision of Professor Raghavendra Gudur. The grant is administered by CSIRO.

“This demonstrates iCognition’s ongoing commitment to UX design improvements in our products,” said Nigel Carruthers-Taylor, Principal and Director. “In fact, this is at least the fourth major UX design iteration we have conducted on our products, resulting in incrementally more usable and useful solutions for our customers.”

“This research and design work will inform future product versions, which are included as part of the product maintenance fees,” said Mr Carruthers-Taylor. “We look forward to visiting our clients in Sydney and Canberra to undertake this research and delivering greater business benefits and return on investment for our customers.”