EDRMSaaS, iCognition Updates

iCognition transitions Capital builders to TRIM-as-a-Service cloud

Information Management and Governance specialist, iCognition Pty Ltd, has successfully transitioned the builders of the Nation’s capital, the National Capital Authority (NCA), to a HPE Content Manager EDRMS-as-a-Service cloud.

“iCognition is very excited about this, as it follows on from our contract to provide UNSW with a HPE Content Manager EDRMS-as-a-Service cloud”, said iCognition CEO, Mr Joe Mammoliti. “This, combined with two historical cloud solutions that we have provided, makes us the leaders in HPE Content Manager EDRMS-as-Service cloud, as far as we can tell.”

NCA has moved all their infrastructure and systems to an Australian Signals Directorate certified Protected cloud, including an existing HPE TRIM 7 EDRMS. iCognition was subcontracted to transition the TRIM 7 system to the new cloud environment and undertake an upgrade to HPE Content Manager 9.

“Following the successful upgrade and migration, we commenced ongoing technical and business managed services of the HPE Content Manager cloud service”, said Mr Mammoliti.

The technical managed service involves monthly monitoring and technical servicing of HPE Content Manager cloud. This will ensure NCA receives peak performance and operation of the system over the three-year contract.

The business managed service involves support from an iCognition system specialist and business analyst to provide user support and troubleshooting as well as providing recommendations and assistance in implementing new functionality and features to make the most of HPE Content Manager.

“We look forward to providing this service to the NCA over the next three years”, said Mr Mammoliti.